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Portrait of Cody Bontecou

Cody Bontecou

is enjoying life as a digital nomad, building web apps one line at a time.

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China was an odd time in my life. A time where I was sick of the daily grind, so I jumped at the opportunity to work in a foreign country in which I only knew blurry bits of what was taught through textbooks. This broke me away from the structure I was so used to and allowed me to explore the world, and myself. I was able to find my passion: code. After self-teaching myself HTML through a mobile app, I decided to return to university, change my major to Computer Science, and enjoy the remaining years at school, learning what I wanted rather than what I felt I needed.

Now, I have an insatiable appetite to learn more. With exciting fields such as machine learning, AI, automated vehicles, data analytics, cybersecurity, and more becoming relevant and inviting, I hope to acquire as much knowledge as possible and apply what I know to an area I love and believe is making the world a better place.